So you want something to laugh at do ya? Well, hold on to your heads! We've collected a rather large collection of GW humor!
Duo: Yeah, and as Du once said, she's sure to uncover more, what with her ability to be laughed at!

*rolls eyes* You've got that backwards, dear. Besides, if I want to be laughed at, I can simply invite you along.
Duo: Thanx....Hey!! That's not funny!

Of course it was. To me. :P
Duo: *indignant look* I don't have sit here and be insulted!

Oh stop that. You know I'm just teasing! Besides, you've said a lot worse, ya know!
Duo: Yeah, but I need someone here for inspiration. Someone like....Wufei!

Wufei: Leave me out of this Maxwell!

Yeah, there's no need to drag him into this.
Wufei: I don't need help from some weak onna.

Wufei: Uhhh...You know I'm teasing you, right?

Teasing me? I'll give you teasing me! Come back here! *grabs her baseball bat and runs after Wufei*

Duo: Heheheh....Well, since Du's a bit busy, and the Wu-man's running for his life, I guess I'll finish this up! If you have something funny about GW that you want to see up here, send it to Du and I'm sure she'll work it in. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

*Dubird chases Wufei back across the room, cursing loudly*