For these wallpaper images, all of mine have an 800X600 size, and most will also have 1024x768 sizes for you to use. To use them, simply load the wallpaper you want, then right click on it (hold the mouse button down for you Mac users) and select Set as Background or Set as Wallpaper. I don't remember which one it is! ^_^;; You're free to tell others about these wallpapers, but please don't claim them as your own! If I start seeing that, I'll start putting my name on these, and they don't look as good if I do that. Hope you find something you like!

AN: Yes, I know most people use larger monitors. I'm looking into ways to enlarge some of them, but since I did them so long ago, I was probably working with lower quality images that won't resize well. We'll just have to see.<