Welcome to the fanfic section! I've split the fics up into catagories to make it easier to find the type of fic you're wanting to read. If you'd like to submit your own fic, there's a link down there to my guidelines for submitting fandom. If you don't follow those guidelines, I simply won't add what you send me. My reasoning is on that page, and it's not a long list of things. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy my little library!

  • Humorous Fics
    These are fanfics written just for fun. OC, self-inserts, AU, and other random joke fics are in here. Basicly, these were written to get a laugh.
  • Serious Fics
    Fics of a more serious nature. Some are funny, true, but they're not written as a 'joke fic'.
  • The Chibi Sagas
    Mostly by my friend Melody (with a few guest authors thrown in), these are fics written about her 'webmommie' adventures.
  • Rules for Submitting Fandom
    If you wish to submit your own fanfic, I ask that you please read through this first!