AN: New intro coming, still working on it!

Hi, and welcome to the gwg! This decent-sized website is dedicated to bringing you information and lots of goodies about the anime Gundam Wing.
Duo: And if you look closely, you'll even see us hanging around!
Yeah, well, every website has to have something wrong with it. *ahem*
Duo: That's right, and that's why you're still in charge. *snicker*
Hey! *sulks*
Quatre: *rolls eyes* If this is your first visit here, feel free to explore the various sections. We have rather large galleries, as well as a good-sized fanfic library. And if you're not familiar with Gundam Wing, there's a facts database over to the right.
While it's true that I don't get to update as often as I like, I am still coming up with things to add and things to do for you fans. If you feel the urge to contribute, you're welcome to contact me! I don't put up everything I get, but I do promise to look it over and if I can put it up, I will.
Quatre: Uh....what happened to Duo?
Oh, he's taking a break. *nods*
Quatre: A break?
Yes. A nice, relaxing break.
Heero: Why is my tool kit out, and where's the blow torch?
Oh, I'm sure it's around. *nods*
Quatre: *sighs* It's not easy being the sane one. While we go and find Duo, please look around, and we hope you enjoy your stay!