About the GWG

Quick History Lesson

Back in 2000, when Gundam Wing first aired on Toonami, I was still in the "make a website for everything" mode, and thought a basic fan site with pictures would be fun to do. There were others with the same idea, so I went out searching for sites to link to (and get links from), and after a couple of years became one of the largest fan-run GW fan sites. I won't say the biggest, but you may have noticed there's a LOT of content here! Once I started accepting submissions, things took off and eventually led here.

For the curious, I originally started this on Tripod because that's where my personal site was*. Needless to say, things got bigger and bigger, and I expanded onto Geocities to help with space issues. That soon became to small, so I moved to a new space that had a lot more room, even if it did have ads! That's when I really started to pay attention to design and the colored intros became intergal to the site. Silly, yes, but that's what I was up to back then. In 2002, I decided to bite the bullet and spring for a domain and hosted space, and that gave me room to really expand. Unfortunatly, around 2014, I wasn't paying attention, didn't update my payment info, and lost the domain. I added the .info and .org domains, and if the price ever comes down to a reasonable price, I'll reaquire .com!

Around 2012, with GW not having been aired in a while and most people having moved on to other shows, I decided to basicly move to archive mode. Meaning I will update when I have something and fix issues, but I'm not actively looking for content. Still, I will accept submissions and who knows? If Gundam Wing re-airs somewhere, I'll be here as a ready resource!

*Yes, it still exists, and it's horrible! XD
**For the really curious, I'll be going back and finding old thumbnails of this site, just for shits and giggles. No particular reason except because. And, well, I'm curious!

Site Awards

So, quick background. Site awards used to be BIG for websites. I think there's still some major ones around, but most of them have dried up. Still, I'm rather proud of these, so still wanted to show them, even if most of the sites that gave them away have vanished!

Fun Site Stats

Last 10 Counter Hits:

Hit #77000: June 2010
Hit $75000: March 2008
Hit #74000: November 2007
Hit #73000: May 2007
Hit #72000: December 2006
Hit #70000: July 29, 2006
Hit #59000: September 13, 2003
Hit #58000: August 19, 2003
Hit #57000: August 3, 2003
Hit #56000: July 23, 2003

The counter service I was using disappeared several years ago, so alas, I have no count since the last one up there. *le sigh*

site created: around October, 2000.

site creator: Dubird

most used search phrase: zechs (57.14%)

funniest search phrase: i hate gundam wing

top browser: Mozilla!
second top: IE

Domain Name Started: June 11, 2002

.info and .org Added: 2015