Welcome to the media section! Below, you'll find some Gundam Wing related videos, as well as links to some midis you can download.



Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends is a short OAV released after Gundam Wing ended, set to right after the series ended. It's only on VHS (to my knowledge), and these were very hard to find. It's in 7 parts, with one for each pilot and a beginning and ending part. Each one is really short, it's more of an 'afterword' for the series. Unfortunatly, the 'subtitles' are in Chinese and I don't have a translation. If I ever get one, I'll post a link to it.

Series Japanese Opening 1

Song: Just Communication by TWOMIX

Series Japanese Opening 2

Song: Rhythm Emotion by TWOMIX

Series Japanese Ending

Song: It's Just Love! by Rumi Onishi

Endless Waltz OAV Ending

Song: White Reflection by TWOMIX

Endless Waltz Final Ending

Song: White Reflection by TWOMIX

White Reflection Original Video

Song: White Reflection by TWOMIX

Original animation for the TWOMIX video for White Reflection. As far as I know, this is their original video for this song. I know the video itself isn't GW related, but it's a good video, and since the song is on the soundtrack (and is used in EW), thought I'd put this one up too.