rants and opinions

These are just mini-essays about my thoughts that I wrote up with the inention to try and explain a few things from my point of view. Keep in mind that these are only my opinions, not absolute truths! If you want to reply to anything, there's now a reply form on the bottom of each part. I won't post all the replies I get, but if you take the time to make it intelligent and readable, I will, even if it differs from my opinion. Flames will be tossed out and ignored, and if I do get a good reply that's hard to read (or full of abbreviations and l334 speak), I'll email you and ask you to rewrite it for me so I can post it. That's pretty fair I think. *G* So if you have anything you want to say, just fill out the forms. ^_^

Note: if you fill out a form, please only hit submit once!! If I recieve multiple copies of the same thing, I'll probally just delete them. I opened my inbox the other day and had five copies of the same thing. And, since the email address wasn't valid, twice as many emails telling me it couldn't send them. If you put a valid email in the email space, you will recieve a copy of your post. You will also be taken to a Thank You page once you submit. So, please, for my sake, don't send me multiple copies!!