fanfiction : funny

Chance Meeting
By: Angel Tsuiraku - G
Dingos and a Drinking Contest
By: Iridani - PG-13
Dr. J's Bad Day
By: Waugh - G
Gundam Wing: 70's Style!
By: Richie Ramos - G
By: Dubird - G
Male Bonding
By: Anonymous - PG-13
Scary Movie
By: Faye and Lenne - G
The Best GW Pilot
By: Slythis - G
The Breakup
By: Nick Callahan - G
The Holy Buster Rifle
By: Noel - G
Trouble with Chibis
By: Ruh - PG-13
You've Got To Be Kidding!
By: Mari Bonapart - PG
Zero vs. Epyon
By: Eric Venezia - G