rants and opinions: the yaoi rant

Ok, well this may be long in coming, but I had to organize my thoughts here. And if you know me, you know that takes a while. -_-; Anyhoo, I've been asked my opinion about yaoi in GW, and other anime as well, and I've always said I don't care.

This isn't entirely true.

It's actually a rather complicated issue. Background wise, I was raised to believe that gay people were evil. Now I don't think that now, but that was hard to get away from. I still have to stop and think a moment when confronted by homosexuality sometimes. I'm not perfect. But I also believe that God loves all of us, gay or not. This is not a new thing.  This has been around since the beginning of man, so that would imply that it is natural for some people. (yes, I'll probably get flamed for this. so what? it's my site, and I'll say what I want to)

But how does this relate to anime and yaoi/yuri? Well, I happen to not like yaoi in GW b/c the characters ARE NOT GAY. Period. End of story. Sorry yaoi/yuri fans! The creators never intended them to be gay. This is a fan-based idea. How it got so prevalent is beyond me, but whatever. This is why I took the yaoi links page down. (not to mention I don't think anyone ever visited it.) However, I will say that if you like yaoi in GW, then more power to you. I also support the First Amendment and I believe you can like what you want to like. That's your prerogative, and I will defend your right to do so. I love GW, and I try to love all GW fans. That's what being supportive of the Freedom of Speech is about, right?

"Oh, so if you don't like yaoi in GW, you don't like it at all!" Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that's not true. I think that if a character in an anime is MEANT to be gay, that's fine. I won't read yaoi/yuri stories b/c I don't want to, but that doesn't bother me. In fact, there are some yaoi doujinshi pics I look at b/c they're beautifully done! (this includes some GW yaoi doujinshi) What does bother me about the GW yaoi/yuri fan base is that it's not true to the characters. GW yaoi/yuri fans are taking a character and making it fit into their own views. That I don't believe is right. Would you like it if someone came up to you on the street and told you to be gay because they think it's a beautiful thing and you should agree with them? No, and neither would I. I think if someone is gay, then it is a good thing. You have to be true to yourself. I have several gay friends, both online and r/t, and I love them all. But then, they don't try to force that on me. They don't try to make me feel bad that I'm not a lesbian, and the few lesbians I know don't hit on me and try to make me fit in. I soooooo appreciate that! *hugs them all* I love these people b/c of who they are inside, not because of (or despite of) their sexuality. That's who they are, and I accept that b/c I accept them as my friends. We both respect each other's beliefs and lifestyles, and that's what I think Freedom of Speech entails. But that's another rant.

AN: Wow. Just wow. I never thought I'd get this many replies. I've got 29 on here, and that doesn't include the ones I couldn't put up either because of unreadable grammer/puncutation or just agree or disagree statements. I'm also suprised and rather proud of the fact that not ONE of the replies I got are flames. It kinda gives me a little bit of hope for the future of GW fandom. Thanks to everyone that took the time to write in their argument, wheither it was for or against! ^_^

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Very nicely supported rant/essay and very good (very personal) opening and closing. You don't see that often with rant/essays on the internet, which usually consist of, "This is what I believe and I'm not going to tell you why, so deal with it." Only a few thoughts of my own, and keep in mind that though I also own the entire series on tape, I don't have the time or energy to watch it all (which makes me want to cry =T.T=). Like Kyuuketsuki said, any and all hints of romantic pairings are only implied, which leaves much of the fandom up in arms (because my GOD! you just CAN'T have an anime without blatant PAIRINGS! *gasp* =~_^=). I support both yaoi and non-yaoi pairings because no one really knows. And then there's the thing of masks. Everyone wears one to hide a more delicate self than the one we have to show to please the general populace. Many GW yaoi fanfics use the fact that because of the plot of GW, much of the characters' thoughts are hidden away (or are implied) to manipulate the character to their own end. In times of war, and you're an hour or less from the battlefield and you just got back from a mission that went badly, who will you talk to, who would you trust with your thread-bare emotions? Also, we often don't know the direct impact of many of the events in the series. The audience knows they're fighting for what they believe to be right. "Justice," as Wufei might say. But we don't know they're individual feelings on it (unless it's Quatre who seems to be a lot more vocal of his beliefs and feelings than the others). They kill because that's what they're trained to do, and it isn't till Endless Waltz, or at least till the end of the series, that we see that the humane side has been struck violently over the last year. I've seen a lot of the yaoi stories take off here too. Who can they turn to when the horrors of war begin to wear on their conscious? Needless to say, the choices are limited to either a) the other pilots and comrades in arms or b) the diplomats and civilians. I could see it going either way, but each path it's own joys and difficulties, which I've seen illustrated in fanfiction beautifully, and at times, horribly. The after-story and how "in-character" the characters are must revolve around how good the fanfiction writer is.

- -Britts-

I would like to start of with saying that the creators of Gundam Wing implied both Yaoi/yuri and straight couples, they left the relationships between the characters up to the person watching the show. So either way is correct. It all depends on you. If you think that Heero is dating Relena, then you are right, and if you think that Heero is dating Duo then you are right. The show is not about romance, its about politics and war. The creators truely left everything up to the viewer, thats why in the show they never really get into the characters' pasts or anything else like that situation. So you believe that there is no yaoi/yuri in Gundam Wing, well then your right and I believe that there is yaoi/yuri in Gundam Wing and I am right, but do not claim that is just fan-based, because both thoughts are fan-based. I really wish I could remember the title of the magazine that had that interview with the creator saying that about the show, but I can't. Sorry. well thats all I really had to say, but I'll leave you with a good saying. "Fallaces Sunt Rerum Specie." The appearance of things is deceptive, by Seneca.

- SidhePrincessAislinn

First off, I think it's wonderful that you overcame the whole anti-gay thing. HOWEVER I do not agree on the subject of the GW boys not being gay. The creator did not intend any 'real' cannon relationships, but some just happen. Heero and Duo really have me wondering, and there is no way that Quatre isn't gay. That one person (too lazy to scroll up screen... ^^;;;) did have a point about Quatre reserving a hotel room with a single bed and not changing it after Trowa decides to stay with him. And, yes, there is plenty of artbook work and other official art depicting Heero and Duo, as well as Trowa and Quatre. They're always together. On the subject of Relena, yes, I detest that girl. If you watch the anime and Endless Waltz, you will see that Heero most likely can't kill her because she reminds him of that little girl and her dog he killed. Other than that he would have probably killed her the second he realized what a pain she was. I know I would have.

Yes, I am a rabid yaoi fangirl. In some cases, I agree with yuri (as in Utena and some Sailor Moon), but not the GW yuri. I don't see any of those girls with each other. It doesn't work. ^_^ Well, now i'm just rambling. Thank you and please nobody flame me. All flames will be laughed at and used to toast marshmallows.

- ChiisanaBakagami

I write and love fanfiction. I've been reading *ALL* types sense I was about twelve. (About 10 fanfictions a day for that long- you can do the math.) I enjoy all of the opinions out there, but I must go back to the point that Gundam Wing isn't a romance based anime. Then again I haven't seen the anime for about.... three years? Maybe I'm growing senial.

What I view as the problem is that there are hints of everything (small as they may seem) everywhere. There are no defined lines and that creates a blurry picture that your mind can mold and fold into what seems to fit.

The weblike plot of gundam wing and the enigmatic characters also creates many ways to interpret the show. All the characters are thrust together under the shadow of war and into a time where depression riegns. It seems unreal to some people that five young children can carry so much on their shoulders and not seek the companionship of another.

I also want to throw in this idea. (opinion?) If fandom is all about what's there and in front of you then isn't fandom a bit dull? Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Whatever bites your apple. (Whatever strikes your fancy?)

- The Stranger in the House Next Door

I think yaoi is okay to look at. I mean guys look at yuri or porn so we have hormones that like yaoi. What is the difference? I respect people who think I am wierd or a freak for a matter because it is what i think and not what others do. My friends who do not like yaoi respect me and my friends who do like yaoi stand up for each other. I am not a lesbo or bi but you got to admit that the gw boys seem to act in a certain way. But hey that is just my opinion.

- Kat of Oz

I came across this site just looking for cute duo and heero yaoi pics(wrong place no dout). And it’s obvious to me that those two 1+2 weren’t made out to be gay in the show, but I think they would make a great cupple ^_^ Then I did something strange and I read something, your rant(I don't like reading unless it's poems..ect.) but I read it. I am female and am Bi (and if you’re dense a really big yaoi fan)... Ok so that's out, but listen I support you every bit. I would, even if you said “I'll never support any yaoi at all”, because that is your right. But I do love the fact that even though you where brought up to believe that being gay is a sin and over come it, well I truly have respect for you. I'd much rather have more people like you then, people who go out of their way to defend gays on times when it's NOT needed, or just do so, so they can get approval for their good deeds, or people who will kill if they know anyone who is gay. No, I much rather like it if people where more like you in the sense that, you don’t *particularly want to see it (yaoi/yuri ect.) but believe that when it comes to the heart love is all that matters. So if anyone tries to tell you no you shouldn’t like gays or that you should like them more and support all yaoi, tell them to piss off cuz you’re fine the way you are!

P.S. I kinda can see little yaoi hints with 1+2 and 3+4 here and there but nothing really strong I think the artist was just trying to make more money by using little hints of it... You know what they say “gay is the new black” *sighs* gods, what people will do for money...

- Jinx

Me myself am a Yaoi fan, mostly Heero and Duo. I think that they make a pretty good couple and the thing is, they may be a little different but they are alike to. They need each other. Heero needs Duo for emotional support. Duo needs Heero to help tie him down sometimes (that wild braided boy!) And also Trowa and Quatre, i think the only way you dont see someone of a liking there is if you dont want to! I may be wrong in all of this but you have to admit. The GW guys look better in pics together than with any girl. Thank about that. And this, when have you seen a pic of the GW guys where Heero and Duo arent standing or sitting next to each other? Or touching! In non Yaoi pics in official art there is pics of Duo with his arm over Heero's shoulder or Heero with his hand on Duo. There are only a select few pics that arent like that. Same with Quatre and Trowa. Think about it. If you dont like Yaoi, fine, I see your point. I understand you perfectly. There may not be any yaoi or shonen ai in GW. Though I have spied a few hints in the series. Or maybe its just imagination ne? Becouse other ppl have noticed it too.

- Shiek

I think we are all entitled to our own opinions, but here is mine. I recently read an article on this subject that made alot of sense. In Japan fanfiction is huge, and writers know this. Yaoi is also very popular. Therefore, while pairings may be implied, they are often left vauge, so fans can debate and draw their own conclusions. There is also official images of Heero and Duo on an endless waltz poster. Ignoring that, I would like to say that the question is deliberate, because it makes fans examine the entire show more closely. If anyone cares, I feel the non-yaoi pairings are 1xRelena, 2xHilde, 5xSally and 6xNoin. I do feel that 3x4 is very strongly sudgested in the canon, and you may have noticed that niether of them has a real potential girlfriend from the series. There are some who support 4xDorothy, but personally, if someone tried to stab me I would probably not want to go out with them. As for those who insist on 3xCatherine . . .ewww! incest! If you have read the manga it seems pretty clear they are brother and sister, and even if you haven't, Catherine treats Trowa like a brother the whole time, and Trowa looks at her like a sister. I feel no shame in admitting I read yaoi fanfics, this originally started because there are so many, I thought there must be some reason for it. Granted, some are pointless, but the same can be said for all fan fiction. Reading all types of fics means you have a better chance of finding one of those great, one-in-a-million authors(ok, closer to 1 in 100) that makes a story _live_. Those authors are rare, and if you avoid such a large portion of fan fiction, there is a much smaller chance of finding them. Sorry for ranting, but this is the section for it ;p

- Nanashi Kage Enjeru(Nameless Shadow Angel)