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Welcome to my Episode summary guide! Now, this is more of just a small guide than actual summaries. I'm not very good at writing summaries! ^_^;; I may go through someday and flesh these out, but I have no plans to at the moment. If someone wants to do so, however, then just let me know!

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Episode 1-The Shining Star She Saw

The five Gundam pilots bring their mobiles suits to Earth as "Operation Meteor", spotted by Relena Darlin on her way back with her father to Earth from the Space Colonies. Four of them made it down almost completely undetected, but Gundam 01 (Wing Gundam) is intercepted by the Earth Sphere Alliance pilot Zechs Merquise. Relena sees the face of the pilot, Heero Yuy, who then runs off and steals an ambulance to get away.

Episode 2-The Gundam Deathscythe

Heero plots against Relena and attempts to destroy the Wing Gundam. Relena follows him to try and find out what he's up to. When he tries to shoot her, Duo Maxwell, pilot of Gundam 02 (Deathscythe) steps in.

Episode 3-Five Gundams Confirmed

Duo frees Heero from the Alliance base. Zechs comes across the Tallgeese, the mobile suit that was the prototype for all mobiles suits, including the Gundams.

Episode 4-The Victorian Nightmare

Zechs continues his battle plans against the Gundams, and we meet Lucrezia Noin, a trainer of mobile suit pilots at the Victoria Base. Things get messy with a surprise attack by Wufei Chang.

Episode 5-Relena's Secret

Relena and her father return to the Colonies, but a plot by OZ, a secret organization within the Earth Sphere Alliance, results in the death of her father. Just before he dies, he tells her that she's really not her daughter, that she's really the heir to the Sanq Kingdom, a nation that was devoted to total pacifism, but was destroyed by OZ and the Alliance.

Episode 6-Party Night

Relena returns to her school on Earth in time to see Heero transfer out of that school. Heero also discovers that he doesn't want to kill Relena, no matter what he said earlier.

Episode 7-Scenario for Bloodshed

The plotting of OZ's leader, Treize Khushrenada, traps the Gundams and their pilots, as OZ seizes control of the Earth Sphere Alliance, and begins a political conquest of the Colonies.

Episode 8-The Trieze Assassination

Treize's plotting is uncovered, with the result that the Gundams and OZ are openly direct foes. Wufei heads after Treize to kill him, followed by Trowa.

Episode 9-Portrait of a Ruined Country

Zechs recieves his completed Tallgeese, but the suit proves to be a challenge to him. He heads towards the ruins of the Sanq Kingdom to free it from the rule of the Alliance or OZ, but has trouble piloting the Tallgeese, which almost seems to have a mind of it's own.

Episode 10-Heero Distracted by Defeat

Lady Une moves new model Taurus suits to the base in Siberian secretly to lure the Gundams into a position to be destroyed by OZ. During the battle, Lady Une tries to force the Gundam pilots to surrender by using the space colonies as hostages.
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Episode 11-The Whereabouts of Happiness

Duo and Quatre retreat into the desert, and Zechs gathers the remains of the Wing Gundam to rebuild it. Relena learns that Lady Une is planning to go into space, and takes a potshot at her at a party.

Episode 12-Bewildered Warriors

Trowa has made it back to the circus with a seriously wounded Heero, who wakes up a month later. Wufei disappears into the Chinese forest, and meets Sally Po, who's fighting in a rebel army.

Episode 13-Catherine's Tears

Trowa starts a suicidal fight with an OZ base as

Episode 14-The Order to Destroy 01

Zechs starts rebuilding the destroyed 01, against the orders of the shadowy Romefeller Foundation.

Episode 15-To the Battleground Antarctica

Lucrezia Noin, working for Zechs, finds Trowa and Heero and brings them to Zech's secret base at the South Pole for a showdown between Zechs and Heero.

Episode 16-The Sorrowful Battle

Zechs and Heero face off, with Heero using Trowa's Heavyarms instead of the reconstructed 01 suit. Relena flies there to give a letter to Heero, and finds out Zech's true identity. The battle is interrupted by a large OZ force coming to punish Zechs.

Episode 17-Betrayed by Home Faraway

Lady Une heads to the space colonies to continue OZ conquest of humanity. Because she goes as an ambassador, not a military official, the colonies accept her, and turn away from the Gundams and their pilots. The pilots decide to return to space.

Episode 18-Tallgeese destroyed.

Lady Une captures the five scientists who built the Gundams. She forces them to make a new type of mobile suit, one that will be able to defeat the Gundams. Zechs fights with various OZ forces, eventually discarding his persona as Zechs Merquise.

Episode 19-Assult on Baruji

Duo and Wufei do battle separately with OZ forces and Wufei is captured.

Episode 20-The Lunar Base Infiltration

The scientists who have been forced by OZ to work on the new suit designs are nearing the end of their task, the new suits are almost complete.
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Episode 21-Grief-Stricken Quatre

Quatre, who has returned to his father's factory asteroid, watches in horror as the other colonists shun his father's leadership and place OZ in control. ~I'm leaving a lot out of this one on purpose. Just watch it!~

Episode 22-The Fight for Independence

Quatre seeks vengeance for his father by attacking the OX-controlled forces, and Lady Une plans an appropriate response to the rampage.

Episode 23-Duo, the God of Death Once Again.

Duo's plot to infiltrate the moon base and halt the production of new mobile suits being assembled there takes an unsuspected turn.

Episode 24-The Gundam They Called Zero

Trowa and the forced-to-comply Heero do battle with the crazed Quatre, who has built a new Gundam installed with the unpredictable Zero System.

Episode 25-Quatre vs. Heero

In the course of battle between Quatre and Heero, Trowa faces an impossible choice. Meanwhile, OZ's machinations take a turn for the strange: Trieze splits from the Romefeller Foundation and resigns as OZ's commander, causing a split in control of the OZ forces.

Episode 26-The Eternal Flame of the Shining Star

With the Romefeller Foundation now in control of the colonies, "Operation Nova" begins, with waves of mobile dolls being sent to Earth to crush opposition. Meanwhile, OZ pilot Zechs Merquise leads the defense.

Episode 27-The Locust of Victory and Defeat

The split between OZ factions has placed Duo, Wufei, and the mad scientists in mortal peril.

Episode 28-Passing Destinies

Trieze is captured by the Romefeller Foundation forces and is held at their headquarters. He reevaluates his actions, and begins developing a new Gundam suit.

Episode 29-The Heroine of the Battlefield

Relena, restored to her birthright, assumes the leadership of the resurrected and peace-loving Sanq Kingdom. But the existence of the pacifist kingdom is in opposition to Romefeller's plans.

Episode 30-The Reunion with Relena

Heero and Quatre return to Earth, and find their way to the Sanq Kingdom.
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Episode 31-The Glass Sanq Kingdom

When Romefeller forces an attack on the Sanq Kingdom, Heero and Quatre are the only ones that can help.

Episode 32-The God of Death Meets Zero

Knowledge of the Zero System's capabilities means much to those who seek power. Duo is forced to fight with a rogue OZ solder, who's trying to learn the secret to the Zero System.

Episode 33-The Lonely Battlefield

The Romefeller Foundation begins it's attack on Trieze's Luxembourg headquarters. They also set a trap for Zechs.

Episode 34-And Its Name is Epyon

Heero reaches Luxembourg just in time to see the collapse of Trieze's forces, but meets with Trieze face to face. He receives the new Gundam Epyon suit, also equipped with the Zero System.

Episode 35-The Return of Wufei

Wufei resumes his duties as a Gundam pilot, then sees his clan's code of honor in action, with tragic results. Zechs contacts Wufei to try to enlist the Gundam pilots in his cause.

Episode 36-The Collapse of the Sanq Kingdom

The Romefeller Foundation launches its final assault on the Sanq Kingdom. Relena surrenders the kingdom rather than seeing it obliterated.

Episode 37-Zero vs. Epyon

Zechs and Heero fight an epic battle, Zechs in the Wing Zero suit and Heero in Epyon.

Episode 38-Queen Relena

Relena accepts the offer from Romefeller to become the head of their organization. Romefeller's "peaceful stance" is soon challenged, however, when an armed resistance group from the colonies calling themselves White Fang starts attacking OZ forces in order to win independence from Earth.

Episode 39-Trowa Returns to the Battlefield

The White Fang's leader turns out to be one of the original Operation Meteor masterminds, an enigmatic man named Quinze. Under his leadership, the White Fang gains control of the space fortress Libra.

Episode 40-A New Leader

The White Fang approaches Zechs Merquise with the offer to become their leader. Zechs accepts, and the White Fang's direction quickly takes a different path then Quinze intended.
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Episode 41-Crossfire at Baruji

The White Fang's attacks on Relena's peaceful government on Earth panics the Romefeller foundation, who replaces Relena with Trieze.

Episode 42-Battleship Libra

Heero's experiences with the Zero System has led him to the conclusion that both Trieze and Zechs must be eliminated for the sake of humanity.

Episode 43-Target: Earth

Events reunite the five Gundam pilots at the space fortress Peacemillion, where they plan their parts in the upcoming conflict. Meanwhile, Zechs begins his assault on the Earth forces using the Libra's powerful weaponry.

Episode 44-Go Forth, Gundam Team

The pilots begin their assault on Zechs and the White Fang forces, when they're confronted with a nasty surprise: Zechs has adapted to the Zero System, and has used it to program legions of mobile dolls that can be operated by remote control.

Episode 45-Signs of the Final Battle

The Gundam pilots learn the key to defeating the mobile dolls in a daring rescue of key data from the Libra's control systems.

Episode 46-Milliardo's Decision

Zechs' White Fang forces quickly demonstrate their superiority, and Trieze tries to avert an all-out disaster for Earth by challenging Zechs to a one-on-one duel.

Episode 47-Collision in Space

As the forces of Zechs and Trieze fight, the Gundam pilots and their allies see way to change things in their favor. They crash Peacemillion into the Libra, eliminating the threat of Libra's main gun.

Episode 48-Take Off Into Confusion

Zechs realizes that even though Libra's main gun is destroyed, Libra itself could be used as a weapon against Earth. Heero challenges Zechs to a final duel, and Wufei has a final score to settle with Treize.

Episode 49-Final Victors

I'm not doing one for this episode, because it's impossible to do so without giving everything away! So I just recommend watching it yourself! *G*