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A Gundam Wing Thanksgiving

Quatre: Hey Duo!

Duo: *looks up as heís getting out of his car* Hey! So ya ready?

Quatre: *puzzled look* Ready for what?

Duo: Relenaís cooking our Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Quatre: Oh. *shudders* Well, maybe sheís gotten better.

Duo: Maybe weíll luck out and sheíll set the kitchen on fire. *rings the doorbell*

Dubird: *opening the door* Hey guys! Youíre just in time.

Duo: Darn! I wanted to be late.

Quatre: *nudges Duo* Shh!

Du: *L* Donít worry. Weíve been helping her.

Duo: Cool!

Quatre: But didnít you blow up the kitchen last time you made cookies?

Du: Well....sortta. *sheepish look* But it wasnít my kitchen!

Duo: Ummm....yeah. Ok. *looks into the living room to see Heero, Trowa, and Zechs watching a blank TV* Hey guys! Whereís the football game?

Heero and Trowa: *looking at each other* [........]

Zechs: I was wondering what was wrong.

Duo: *rolls eyes* Oi! *switches the TV on and finds a football game*

Wufei: *comes in from the kitchen* What are you watching?

Duo: Football! Itís an American tradition! So whereís Sally?

Wufei: How should I know?

Sally: *comes in behind Wufei and leans her arm on his shoulder* Heís kidding of course. *G* Iíve been helping Relena. She was confused on how to cook the corn.

Duo: Nani? Donít you just take them out of the can and put them in the microwave?

Sally: Well, yeah. *rolls eyes* She needs a lot of help!

5 GW boys and Zechs: *look at each other nervously*

Du: Hey yaíll! Come and get it!

*they enter the dining room to find a beautiful set-up, with lots of different delicious looking food on the table*

Duo: Wow! Real food!

Noin: *sets the rolls on the table* Thanks. *G* Relena might just make a good cook with a little practice.

Duo: You mean like between now and Doomsday?

Du: *whacks Duo on the back of the head* *ahem*

Relena: *comes in with the turkey* Hi everyone! *sets the turkey on the table and looks at Noin* Now what?

Noin: You need to carve it.

Relena: Oh yeah! Umm.....how?

Heero: Iíll do it. *leaves the room*

Relena: Huh?

Everyone: *looks at each other and shrugs*

*A loud humming sound is heard and the room starts to shake*

Quatre: Earthquake?

Zechs: Rebel attack?

Duo: Elephant stampede??

*everyone looks at Duo*

Duo: *shrugs*

Wufei: No more Animal Planet for you, Maxwell.

*the roof is suddenly opened like a can lid to reveal Wing Zero standing outside*

Quatre: Duck!!

*everyone runs for cover*

Heero (in Wing Zero): *brings the beam saber down and slices the turkey, the floor, and everything between in half. He then replaces the roof with a cloud of dust.*

*everyone comes up coughing*

Quatre: What was that all about?

Duo: I dunno, but Iím sure glad I didnít ask him to cut the deck when we played poker!

Wufei: *looking at the ruined food* Injustice!!

Noin: Um, Wufei, itís just food.

Wufei: So? Whatís your point? It never had a chance!

Noin: *rolls eyes* Never mind.

Heero: *comes back in* So are we going to eat or what?

*everyone looks at Heero blankly*

Relena: What do you mean? Itís all ruined now! *sniffles*

Heero: Well, you wanted the turkey carved, didnít you?

Trowa: *bursts into laughter*

Du: *rolls eyes* Never mind. Whoís up for Chinese?

Relena: *sniff* But I really wanted to cook for Heero!

Noin: *puts her arm around Relenaís shoulders* Donít worry. Thereís always Christmas dinner!

Heero: Ooo! I like ham!

Everyone: *throws rolls at Heero*