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Scary Movies
Faye and Lenne

Before you die you see the ring.

Faye snuggled up to Quatre. “ I love scary movies but they can get freaky once in a while.”

Quatre looked down at her. “ Well if it gets too scary I’m here.”

She looked at him and blushed a very deep red. “ Arigato.”

The part when Samara grabs Rachel came on.

“ Oh crap that scared me” Lenne said snuggling up to Trowa and squeezing his hand.

“ I have to admit this is one freaky movie” Relena said sitting down by Herro.

Duo interrupted stealing the popcorn from Hilde. “ Yeah...even I say it’s scary”

Wufei boasted. “ No it’s because they’re women and they’re weak.”

Duo looked at Wufei with wide eyes. “ You shouldn’t have said that.”

All 4 women: “You little ...”

Hilde grabbed a golf club and chased Wufei. The other 3 girl followed.

All of the GW pilots except Wufei because he’s running for his life: “ GO GET HIM!”

The boys sat there for about 5 minutes and the girls came back.

Quatre asked. “ Where’s Wufei ?”

“ He became one of our accessories!”

* Show Wufei in a closet with make-up on, tied up*

He smiled as Faye sat back down and snuggled into Quatre‘s arms.



“AAAAHHHHHHH...” All the girls jumped. Then a few seconds later the power when out.

“ Oh crap.... Oh crap...” Faye whispered as she turned around. Quatre turned around too and since the power was out and Duo and Heero were looking for flashlights, Quatre and Faye’s lips met.

“ Ah ha” Heero said pulling out 4 flashlight. Quatre pulled away from Faye and caught the flashlight Heero threw to him.

He threw 2 of them to Trowa and Duo and kept one for his self.


Faye jumped into Quatre’s arms.” HEHEHE....Sorry”

“ No Prob.” He said sitting her down.

“OOooH...Gettin’ cozy”

Faye and Quatre: “ Shut up Duo”

Hilde just shook her head and giggled. Lenne was trying to hold her laugh in but she couldn’t. Trowa busted out laughing and everyone looked at him with wide eyes.

“What?” Trowa asked . “ Is it a crime to laugh .If it is you all are going to jail.”

Lenne answered. “ No...It’s just that we’ve never ever heard you laugh before.”

Vash popped out. “ Let’s get drunk..... Urrrrp...ugh...”

Faye walked over to Vash and hit him upside the head while Lenne grabbed the beer bottle and threw it away.

Vash leaned over and turned green. “ I feel sick.”

Lenne kicked him into the bathroom causing his head to get stuck in the toilet.

“ UHHHH..Lenne...A little help here.”

“ That’s a very good look for you. We should’ve tried it sooner.”

“ LENNE...I’m your boyfriend.”

“ Not even in you’re dreams.” She said kicking him in the butt causing him to jump.

“Looks like you got up.” Faye said. “but you uprooted the toilet.”

Trowa and Quatre: “ Not again!!!”

Duo interrupted.” This is the 50th time this week!!”

The phone rang.

You’ll die in 7 days.

Faye ran and hid behind Quatre.

Lenne picked it up.

You’ll die in 7 days.

She jumped in Trowa’s arms.

Trowa picked the phone up and put it back on the receiver.

Quatre asked. “ What happened?”

Lenne “.....”

Faye said. “It was a tell-a-marketer.....selling free deaths. Even if that wasn’t a tell-a- marketer. Tell-a-marketers are still scary.”

Faye squeezed his hand and Trowa sat Lenne down on the couch.

“ You’ll...die..in..se..ven...days.” Lenne stuttered.

“Dang...I could’ve killed you today.”

Quatre, Trowa, and Duo: “HEERO...SHUT UP!!!” Trowa managed to glance at Lenne’s hand. “ Oh my god ...your bleeding.”

She looked up at him. “ ...huh...” She looked at her hand “ Must’ve been when I hit my hand on the table, next to the phone. That call scared the living daylights out of me.”

Faye and Quatre ran into the bathroom to get the first-aid kit. Vash was sitting there with a commode on his head singing “She’ll be coming round the Mt.” and “Yankee Doodle”. They shook their heads and grabbed the F. A. Kit. Faye handed Trowa a bandage and a tourniquet. Trowa treated Lenne’s hand and bandaged it up.

Faye walked over to the sink and poured a glass of water and took a sip. She started choking.

Quatre and Duo ran over to her as Trowa and Lenne watched and the rest ran around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. Faye stuck her fingers in her mouth and pulled out a long thick string.

“ No that’s a freaky magic trick.” Trowa said sarcastically.

Faye was breathing hard and Quatre helped her stand up.

“Oh no she’s still alive.” Duo said, acting like he fainted.

Lenne reared her hand back but Trowa grabbed her forearm. “ Use the other arm!”

She slapped him with the other hand.

Quatre laid Faye down on the couch and sat beside her.

“ Dang Faye you’re so pale you could probably blend in with Marilyn Manson.” Duo yelled.

Lenne reared her hurt hand without thinking and slapped Duo (for the 100th time).

Trowa looked over at Lenne. She was holding her hand, tears were forming in her eyes. Trowa leaned over and kissed her.

Hilde felt a comment coming so she pinched Duo, but it didn’t stop him. “ You so Luuuckay”

Hilde slapped him upside the head.

They looked over at Faye who was asleep.

“ Good Idea”

Everyone found a place to sleep except Wufei who was in the closet.