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Zero Vs. Epyon
Eric Venezia

(Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell watch the Epyon battle Tallgeese II until Epyon delivers the final blow.)

Wing Zero: You pilot your Gundam well, oh Milliardo. Would you consider joining us in our search for total pacifism?

Epyon: ...

Wing Zero: Look, you fight well. Do you want to join us or not?

Epyon: ...

Wing Zero: I'm sorry not to have a pilot of your skill with us.

(Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell advance toward Epyon.)

Epyon: NONE shall PASS!!

Wing Zero: Excuse me?

Epyon: NONE shall PASS!!

Wing Zero: I have no quarrel with you, Epyon, but we must continue on our quest for total pacifism.

Epyon: NONE shall PASS!!

(Epyon draws his sword and begins slashing at Wing Zero.)

Epyon: Yaaah!

Wing Zero: (cuts off Epyon's sword arm) Now we must be going.

Epyon: (gets up and starts fighting again) It's not over YET!

Wing Zero: WHAT?! Your bloody arm's cut off!

Epyon: No it's not!

Wing Zero: Then what's THAT?!

Epyon: (looks at arm) I've 'ad worse!

Wing Zero: You LIAR!!

(The two begin fighting again and Epyon's other arm is cut off and Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell attempt to leave again.)

Epyon: HA!! Have at you!!

Wing Zero: What the... you can't fight! You've got no arms!

Epyon: A Gundanium wound!

Wing Zero: WHAT!! (cuts off Epyon's leg)

Epyon: HA! You think you can defeat ME?!

Wing Zero: You've only got one leg!!

Epyon: Come on!! I can beat you!! NO one can defeat me! Epyon is undefeated!! I AM INVINCIBLE!!!

(Wing Zero cuts off Epyon's last leg.)

Epyon: (falls to the ground) All right, we'll call it a draw.

(Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell finally leave.)

Epyon: AHA!! Running away, you coward?! Come back here!! I'll bite your legs off!!