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Dr. J's Bad Day

J: Hello, H?

H: Hello, who, may I ask, is calling?

J: It's me, J, remember, we went to school together.

H: Oh.

J: No, J.

H: Can you hold on a minute?

G: Hello?

H: You'll never guess who's on the other line.

G: Who?

H: It's J!

G: Gee!

H: No, J.

G: No, I was saying... hey, why don't we have real names? Like John - no, that name's not modern, from now on call me... Ahl-Jafian, yeah!

H: Well, I want a name also... Mechalochor!

J: Hey, where are you, H?

H: Hold on a minute, gotta check the other line.

J: Hello?

H: Mechalochor here.

J: Who?

H: Mechalochor.

J: Look, is H there?

H: Yeah, G and I are going to legally change our names, and I'm going to be Mechalochor.

J: Why would you want to do that?

H: Face it, our names suck, we are wanted men, now do you want your tombstone to say, "Here lies J, we knew nothing else about him" or, "Here lies Joe - then scourge of the cosmos (please dance on this grave)"?

J: I see your point. Hang on a minute. Hey, S, are you there?

S: Yeah, who is this?

J: Just me, J. Hey, the guys and I are going to change our names.

S: Legally?

J: Yeah.

S: Then you are going to go into a colony, go to the government building and say, "Hey, I'm Doctor J, I've come to change my name, and in chase you were wondering, yes, I am the one who built the Gundams." No, you can't do that, J. I'm sorry.

J: *sniffle* Well, okay then! I have *sob* someone on the other line. Hey, H!

H: Yes... are you crying?

J: *sob* No!

H: You better stop, you might rust your eyes shut! (laughs)

J: I-- *whine* I-- *sob* I can't believe you guys! (hangs up)

H: Hey G, you weren't really gonna change your name, were you?

G: No, but I hear O did.

H: Really, what to?

G: K.

H: You've got to be kidding.

G: 'struth.

H: O-kay, talk later.

G: Ciao!

H: Hey, O?

K: The name is K now, thank you.

H: I just wanted to check, bye. (hangs up)

K: I feel so alone...