about this layout
This layout started as just me playing with the colors. I was originally going to do just a simple graphic design, but decided that I haven't done any Gundam Wing images lately, so I went ahead with this. I've done something with this idea for Quatre before, but this time I actually found a song called "Let the Sandman Descend", and they lyrics really fit for him.

layout notes
This is made to fit an 800x600 resolution monitor, but will resize itself for larger ones. I use 1024x768 at work, and it looks really nice at that size. The main font is Tahoma, which is a standard Windows font. I like it better than Verdana or Helvetica.
posted by Dubird on 04.23.2008

using this layout
1. Download the .zip file.
2. Edit where it says. Make your index file first, will all the navigation links.
3. Copy the index.html file, rename it, and change the content for new pages.
4. Upload and enjoy!

If you're confused, I made a tutorial on my site that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.